Cars-use-petrol System mod

Date: 06.02.2016

Cars-use-petrol System mod

Authorр: SimsMatthew


Another one interesting mod which can diversify your game. It allows you to refuel vehicles. How it works, I'll show you on an example of my eco-petrol station.

So, first of all it is necessary to set the gas pump (It doesn't fit to my style, so I hid it) on the lot, because without it, the system does not work. After installing  the mod, the pump can be found by typing the code TestingCheatsEnabled true and BuyDebug. It's called Functional Gas Pump and looks like this.

You can refuel only at the lot where the pump is. On the rest lots of the town you can only check the fuel level by clicking on the car (It will be shown how many trips he has enough).

You can also choose the type of fuel, which you want: eco-friendly fuel is more expensive - $365, normal fuel - $325.

Mod's author also provided some animation for Sims (it looks like cleaning without a brush). What it looks like, see below. Note that the Sim can not come close to the vehicle, and we do not have a hose but it does not matter. By the way, if you have a narrow parking, the sim will not be able to go to the vehicle and make its manipulation in any other convenient place.

Further, in addition to the auto- and electric vehicles scooters and motorcycles can be refueled too. The principle is the same.

Yes, you can refuel only those vehicles that you have in your property. Others can not.

So when you click on a vehicle, that such a menu appears:

To check the fuel level, select the Check Fuel Amount and you will obtain information for how many trips we still have enough fuel.

If your vehicle is needed filling, choose either Refill Fuel Tank with Greenergy and fill the fuel tank with eco-friendly fuel, cost $365. At the same time the sim will have a moodlet

But you can refuel with normal fuel, for this choose Refill Fuel Tank with GrabNGo, which costs $325 and gives here a moodlet and the message that you are polluting the environment (if the character has a trait Eco-friendly).

So, what to do if you forget to fill the car, and your fuel level is zero?

In this situation, the auto-refill system works. For example, you come to the lot and you have no more fuel for the next trip. Auto-refill system will refill your vehicle with a normal fuel which costs $395. It is more expensive and at the same time the following message pops up:

If, however, at the same time you do not have money, then the amount of $395 added to your outstanding invoices. Note that this is even more expencive that eco-friendly fuel refilling.

But what if you have no money?

Everything is simple. No money - no fuel))

By clicking on the machine you just do not have the possibility to fill it, even though you leave home, of course you can, and that you will fill in this, I have already said above. In this case, the amount will be added to the unpaid invoices. And you will offer to sell the machine))

Mood, personality traits and fuels

Eco-friendly Sims only prefer the eco-fuel. If they use the normal one, they will get a negative moodlet "Wasting Natural Resources" with -15 mood for 3 hours.

Frugal Sims only prefer the normal fuel. If they use the eco one, they will get a negative moodlet "Got Ripped Off" with -15 mood for 3 hours.

Non-frugal Sims (whether eco-friendly or not) using the eco fuel gets a positive moodlet "Saving the Environment" with 15 mood for 3 hours.

Eco-friendly trait takes precedence over frugal trait, ie frugal + eco-friendly sims still enjoy the positive moodlet from eco-fuels.

That's actually all. I just want to add that with this mod you can diversify the gameplay and get a little closer to the real life.

Enjoy your game!

Fuel stations:

Old gas station

Eco-friendly fuel station

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