Laundromat cafe

Date: 03/20/2016

Author: Ellle

Lot size :20x30

Inspired by beautiful views of Island, I decided to build something in the spirit of this country and our town of Aurora Skies (aka Reykjavik). The idea came spontaneously. This building combines laundry, café and a bar. The building sustained in the original style of cafe in Reykjavik and even some billboards and posters were taken from the original. My lot works using mod The business as unusual bistro.

So now your sims who do not have washing machines, can come here, throw underwear in the laundry, and spend time in the cafe while waiting, eat, drink and read a book. The first floor - a laundry room, a coffee bar, 2 terraces with tables. The second floor - a nursery, bathrooms and a balcony.

My creations (packed with the lot):

Not packed with the lot:

Other creators' works (packed with the lot):

  • Decorations for laundry and cafe by Sandy (aroundthesims)
  • curtains by ShinoKSR
  • Coffee items by ArtVitalex

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