How to make large comfortable room

Date: 19.02.2016

How to make large comfortable room

Many of us, especially in the beginning had problems with how to make a large room comfortable without many partitions. The answer is simple - you need to create multiple zones. You can try to make it in any large room, even on a simple box, but I like to take my old houses (when I really did not know how to do anything) and remodel rooms there.

For this task, I also took a large living room in one of the old houses, which I have been renovating.

So, first of all, I've been given a primary color to which it was necessary to choose the palette and make a harmonious room interior.

For the selection of the palette I chose one of the online services and has received just such a scheme.

And then the most interesting process began.

  1. First of all I chose colors for the major areas  - blue and yellow.
  2. To cover the walls, I decided to choose wallpaper with a border. So that they looked harmoniously and, in addition, I made a third version, with stripes, which combines all three colors.
  3. Each area has its own purpose: the yellow zone - for reading, watching TV and intellectual recreation, and blue - the tea area for conversations with friends. In the middle is a white fireplace that divides the area visually well.

To separate the tea area of ​​the entrance I also used partition.


Thus, we get a large room, which is not handled by partitions, but at the same time visually divided. In addition, there is a lot of air and space for free movement and, along with it, it does not look empty and uncomfortable.

That's actually all. I hope this idea is also useful to you.

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