Winter table setting

Date: 11.02.2016

Author:  Ellle

Winter table setting

 Creating a table setting is a very exciting process. In principle, this is not necessarily but if you still decide to do it, it will beautify your interior.

Create a beautiful table layout is quite simple. The main thing is to choose the theme. If you participate in challenge, you will likely be given some picture to form an idea. For example, I got this picture. Since it was supposed to be a New Year's table, I had to improvise. But, after some thought, I decided to make a winter serving table in the restaurant, which I can leave after all.

At last I made a banquet table. Everything is arranged so that the sims could safely eat, and you could leave it. The only thing I need to do - to pass wipes to another location. For example, next to the plates. That's all. So you can create any kind of serving, for any reason. The main thing is to use qualitative custom content that does not create problems in the game.

My winter table


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