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Moonshine rugs

There is a set of soft rugs. Size - 5x4. 3 patterns and 30 swatches.

Modified: 11/24/2018
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November glow rugs

Here is a set of 4 soft rugs - 2 round (3x3) and 2 big square (5x4). All rugs are of matching colors and patterns. 15 color swatches. Happy simming!

Modified: 11/19/2018
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Geometric rugs set

There are 6 rugs with geometric patters here. Size - 3x2. Mesh by me. I also made some recolors to show how these textures look in different colors.

Modified: 03/12/2017
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Kids rugs "Books and letters"

There is a set of rugs for kids room (3 items). Recolorable (2 channels). Size - 3x2.

Modified: 02/09/2017
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Rangoli rugs

..., Indian women spread on the ground patterns using colored sand, rice, rose and lotus petals. Thus the people of India attract the attention and favor of the gods. I really liked the idea of such patterns on the floor and I decided to make the curly rugs with  Rangoli patterns. Size - 2x2. Totally 8 recororable rugs: 4 (3 channels) and 4 (4 chfnnels).

Modified: 11/23/2016
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Celtic wedding park

... the wedding album   here . There are some places: wedding arch and zone for wedding ceremony stage were you can arrange concerts ( just place the stage from Showtime) two-storied building with bar, banquet hall and toilets. Celtic decorations - rugs and tapestries by me will be downloaded with the park. If not you will find all here in  Decor  section.

Modified: 10/31/2016
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Celtic rugs set (5x3)

Here is another set of big celtic rugs (5x3). All are recolorable. Some of them are also in the  set of 3x2 size . Mesh and composition are mine.

Modified: 08/26/2016
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Medium celtic round rugs

Here is the set of round celtic rugs (2x2). Mesh and composition are mine. Here are 6 rugs in the set, all are fully recolorable. This set was done as a pair to the set of small round celtic rugs .

Modified: 08/22/2016
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Small round celtic rugs

Here is another one set of celtic rugs - small and round. Size - 1x1. 9 rugs in the set, all these are recolorable. Mesh and composition are mine.

Modified: 08/21/2016
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Square celtic rugs

Here is another set of 5 square celtic rugs. Size - 3x2. All the rugs are fully recolorable (3 channels). Mesh and composition are mine.

Modified: 08/20/2016
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Big celtic rugs

There is a set of 4 big rugs with celtic patterns. Size - 4x4. Mesh is mine. Fully recolorable with 3 channels. All patterns selected by me and idea of composition is mine.

Modified: 08/19/2016
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Spring rugs collection set

There is a set of color rugs (7 recolors). Size - 4x4.

Modified: 06/05/2016
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Golden lotus yoga-spa center

When the Sims 4 addition "Spa & Yoga" came out, I wanted to build something like this for the Sims 3 too. So I decided to implement a new idea and to build a functional yoga-spa center. How it works I will explain in detail. ... ... into two functional parts, what is very convenient. Read more about the sauna -  here . Large hall for yoga with functional rugs which helps to improve sport skills. Read more about the rugs -  here . 2nd floor: a juice bar - this is the usual coffee ...

Modified: 05/26/2016
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Icelandic turf house

... relaxation was attached to the house. The lot is small and wild and there is nothing except wild flowers and two beehives. So your sims can gether honey. Happy siming! Custom content (packed): Lupines by Suza Photoset «Iceland» by Ellle Murals ... ... Cast away and CAStable  Grass OneTileShort)   Better to download at first! Alpine photoset  byEllle Spring rug  by Ellle Rugs with fringe  by Ellle Ceiling lamps and cabinets by ShinoKSR's  Sunshine kitchen Thanx to all creators!

Modified: 04/24/2016
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Spicy apple cottage

This is a small two-storyed house (not starter). Custom content (not packed): My creations: Большой пушистый ковер Flowers by Fasani Photo set "Under the rain" Still life photos "Flowers under the rain" Rugs with fringe Big fluffy rug Other artists: Kitchen decot from  Invicta kitchen  оby simcredible Pillows from  Garden Rose  by Severinka Kitchen furniture  by dot Lights  ny dot Flowers  ny darasims

Modified: 02/18/2016
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Desert oasis

... floor: A bedroom, a bathroom, living room and tea corner. Backyard: a swimming pool, zone for relaxation. Custom content consists on 2 parts (if you want the house to look like on my screenshots you need to download all) : packed with the lot Rugs with fringe by Ellle Egyptian patterns  by Ellle Carpet pattern  by Ellle African pattern  by Ellle Egyptian wall carpets  by Ellle Egyptian tapestry set  by Ellle Egypt paintings by D.Roberts (set № 1)  by Ellle Египетские пейзажи ...

Modified: 09/22/2015
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Base camp (Egypt)

This is a new and comfortable base camp for sims to stop in Egypt. The idea, architecture and design - Liliyabonya, assistance in obtaining and decorating of the lot - Ellle.... ... shower, swimming pool and recreation area, barbecue area. Custom content: Egypt paintings by D.Roberts (set № 2)  by Ellle Rugs with fringe  by Ellle Egyptian patterns   by Ellle

Modified: 09/16/2015
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Rugs with fringe

These are my new recolorable (2 channels) rugs with fringe. Size - 2x3. I used my own patterns and from the game. Mesh by me.

Modified: 09/12/2015
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Egyptian patterns

There is a set of egyptian patterns which I created myself using original illustrations from a book about ancient Egypt. There are four pattern in the set: 4-channel and recolorable. So you can recolor them without any problem. They suit to rugs and curtains.

Modified: 09/12/2015
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Little witch house

... floor: bedroom, bathroom, dining area alchemist. Tower: a gym On the lot: recreation area with swimming pool in the backyard, garage for motorcycle Custom Content: Gothic painting  from Ellle Glamis castle painting  by Ellle Calla lilies  by Ellle Rugs  by Jim07

Modified: 08/03/2015
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Scientific institute

... and vending machines 2 floor: scientific laboratories for chemistry lessons, greenhouse, rabbit hole (here you can get a job) 3 floor: research laboratories, kitchen, conservatory. Dungeon: 3 bedrooms, bathrooms, home theater, Area mad scientist There ... ... waterfall which are located at the foot of ruins of an ancient monastery's ruins. Custom content: set for chemistry  by Severinka rugs for rabbit holes  by Winterhart fractal murals  by Ellle portrait of famous scientists  by Ellle

Modified: 07/24/2015
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Murals with moss

I love everything about mosses: paintings, murals, rugs. This amazing plant can be very beautiful. So I decided to create photo wallpapersset to decorate houses. There are 7 murals in the set (4 slots). Mesh by me.

Modified: 06/05/2015
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Underwater world rugs for kids

There are 5 rugs (1 slot) in the set with underwater habitats. Mesh by EA was changed by me.

Modified: 05/10/2015
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Spring rugs collection

There are 4 rugs in the set: 3 - with applications and 1 - without. Mesh by me.

Modified: 04/27/2015
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Stencils set "Ships"

There are 5 stencils in the set. Mesh - Ellle. You can also use  rugs for kids  with the same ships. They're looks good together. Attention! when placing the stencil on the wall you need to paint its edge into the color of the wall but a bit darker to make the edges smooth. Happy Simming!

Modified: 04/04/2015
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Rugs for kids room

There are 4 recolourable rugs in the set: 3 with applications and one without. Mesh is mine. Size - 2x2.

Modified: 04/03/2015
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Tea house

... bathroom 3 floor: 2 rooms for kids, playroom, bathroom On the lot: patio and playground, parking for 2 auto. Custom content: rugs for kids  by Tankuz (not packed) furniture for veranda  by Tankuz (not packed) Donald Zolan paintings  by Ellle Stencils set "Animals"  by Ellle tapestry  by Ellle (not packed) Plant  and decor for nursery  by aroundthesims3 (not packed) patterns -  african  and  damask  by Ellle box with flowers by Ellle lights  and  lamps  by dot

Modified: 03/23/2015
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Mountain resort

This lot was created especially for our sims to have more places for the rest. Lot type: resort. Your sims can buy it for business.... ... living room; Spa-building: 1st floor – sauna and massage room, 2nd floor – gym, 3rd floor – cafe; Playroom for children in a single chalet; 3 chalet-houses for living... ... Attention! First I created this resort using Island Paradise Resort Tower Rabbit Hole Rugs mod, but its author removed it from her site. So I created this rabbit hole in...

Modified: 12/20/2014
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Ideas for building houses in The Sims 3. Chalet style

... in the house was necessarily laid out of stones. To save warmth in the houses they covered the wooden floors with skins and rugs made of wool, felt and roughly spinning flax. Similar blankets covered their massive wooden beds. Sometimes they built two-storied ... ... synthetics, natural and simple-mindedness of this style has gained a special demand. Part 2. "How to build a chalet in The Sims 3”? Initially, we set a goal to build a chalet, using custom content only when it would be absolutely necessary. It’s ...

Modified: 11/19/2014
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