Justine & Braden's dating

Braden came late in the evening. And immediately lifted into the apartment to Justine.

She waited for him impatiently. And the first thing he did was started to talk about the environment.

What for? The question remains opened. Probably for the same reason for what you usually start talking about the weather. Out of courtesy.

And then he fell for her charm because the guy has melted and such a stupid expression appeared on his face.

Maybe he expected something else from her but she suddenly turned and walked to the easel. He had no choice but to sit down to watch TV. But he was only pretending, and he looked sideways at Justine who was painting something.

But it seems she felt his look, because in the next second she set down next to him.

Braden tried to start a conversation ... about sport. But what to chat? He said that he wanted to try, so to speak, "touch "? Or is he just in words so brave?


And when it seemed that everything is okay, she suddenly murmured: «Oh, Mon Cher, I gotta run. Me waiting customer. You can do what you want, and when I return, we continue dating".

That's a flop!

Hmm ... Braden had to relax urgently and he went to the stadium. There was some sport competitions. However, there he did not distinguish, well, at least run about a little. And then he decided to go fishing in the pond next to the stadium.

Meanwhile Justine freed and came to him. Then she took him to a sports bar. There they had a few drinks, played darts! By the way, she plays well!

And when the bar closed went home. Very satisfied both.

Well, at least she was very happy because she prepared a special surprise for them.


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