Invitation to the races

The story of the search for animals continues, but first I wanted to talk a little bit about our new pet.

Something about Morgan

When Morgan came into the family, all unspent love immediately poured on her. Guys fed her, constantly combed, played, walked with her... In general, did all the things that normal owners do, but with redoubled zeal.

After some time, David said Sonya: "Honey, our Morgan eats for two, if not for three. I do not have time to refill her bowl. Just bought a few new bags and one is already half empty. "

«She was hungry so long, poor girl. Yes… if she eats so much she will be fat soon. Well. I will train her», - said Sonya.

But Morgan continued to eat for two. And did it solely lying. Well... first time we have such a dog.

Oh, dear owners! What are you thinking of! Making plans: nutrition, training... And life is playing her own scenery.

It was much easier. And soon Morgan became mom of two kids - Molly and Marsha. It turns out she was pregnant when it came to us. And we did not notice.

The owners came overjoyed. Puppies were charming! They immediately chosen litter and went to sleep. And poor tired mommy went to the porch and began to eat. Again lying.

And then layed down to sleep on the sofa.

The house turned into a real bedlam! Of course! So many dogs ...

But as soon as the puppies grown up a little, we have settled them in good hands. Because we have to deal with the search for the remaining two lost pets - Carrie and Barkhan. And Morgan has recovered and is now busy with helping Tara to settle here again

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