Journey to the waterfall

Have I already said that David was very fond of horses? Yes, he was a great rider. His horse Dune adored his master. When David lived alone he often took horse rides to the distant corners of the city at night. The most favorite place for him was a small lake near the waterfall "Sparkling ".

David came here, put up a tent and spent all the weekend fishing. Meanwhile Dune lied on the grass, bathed, in general, had a good time too. And Tara too often traveled with them. She was a well-trained girl so many kilometers of jogging was not a problem for her.

But when Sonia went to live with David he had to forget about these trips for a while. No, not because she didn’t let him to travel there. He just didn’t want to leave her alone. And so he decided to act differently. He planned to go to the waterfall with Sonya. But how? Sonya had not a horse. More precisely, she had a horse ... iron. But that's not it.

David approached the issue very seriously. First of all he went to stud farm to choose the horse. He liked mare named Grace.

She was calm and docile mare. The very thing that an you inexperienced rider needs. And Sonya was such a rider. She loved horses but rode extraordinary bad. Nevertheless, she loved the idea to ride to the waterfall. And she did not refuse. What not to do for your beloved man? So David chose Grace and drove her home.

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