The story begins

The name of "Gracetown" can be translated as "the blessed city." It is not clear who or why has given the town its name. Especially when it comes to his appearance. Well, make sure yourself.

So, in a peaceful summer day sleeping silence of Gracetown has been broken by roar of the car. Not that there wasn’t any cars in this town, but the cars like this hasn’t passed this way before that day. Exactly!

It was a bright yellow convertible Bugatti car that swept through the streets of the city and ...

... stopped in front of City Hall. The driver was a pretty good-looking blonde. After stopping the engine, the girl came out of the car and with a firm step moved to the entrance of the building.

Citizens who watched this scene, chuttered, they said, who would it be? However, they did not have time to share their thoughts ...

... the girl had already gone back and resolutely drove off in her bright yellow car.

Who is she? It remains a mystery for a while…

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