Port Aurora

Date: 07/18/2016

Author: Liliyabonya

The idea was inspired by Alisanda's Yacht Club and remarkable architecture of Reykjavik (Iceland).

Port Aurora - is a wonderful place where sims can go on the water transport and even buy a yacht or houseboat. In the main port building Harpa Center, you can relax after swimming through the waves, listen to live music, a cocktail or play a game of snooker popular here.

Small house with a toilet is located closer to the warehouse.

This lot of 64x64 was created in Aurora Skies at the place indicated in the screenshot 11 in the slider.

First at this place a smaller residental lot was located. You should delete it and put a new one - 64x64 and change the type to public port.

After the installation make sure the area was exactly the type of port and not closed to visit.

The boat and cargo that you can see on the screenshots are independent lots and is not packed with Aurora Port.

For correct display of water transport in the area, you need to enter the code moveObjects on and drag boats and jet skis on the top berth (then do not forget the code to disable moveObjects off, so as not to Budo glitches in the game).

As so houseboat / boat may be in the area, the only one, the second "cargo" is not clickable and ship-based platform can be created by clicking on the metal bridge at the same time while holding Ctrl + Shift. On the Debug menu (in English), select the desired type of platform. Please note that the deck will not have a platform, instead of her dark bottom, so the platform is only suitable for decoration as a barge for freight.

We recommend placing a decorative platform at the right pier, as its boundaries are outside the scope of the site and it is not suitable for playing the vessel and for the scenery at the time. You can delete  such platform only using testingcheatsEnabled code).

Gaming platform for the houseboat you can put from the lotn menu (it will berth icon) or by clicking on a metal bridge with holding Ctrl + Shift, or placing a favorite from the menu with empty houses.

Unfortunately, the usage of water transport, placed in Build mode, sims can not. All boats you sims can  bring along in their pockets.

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